Chat Ideas

Please add ideas for future chats

  • Tips
  • Resources
  • How you use technology during the different rounds
  • Challenges
  • adaptations of the program
  • Word Work-ideas, what words, assessment
  • Getting started
  • Book boxes
  • Classroom library
  • Assessment
  • Conferring
  • Mini lessons
  • Writing mini lessons
  • How to create a digital pensive
  • How are other resources incorporated such as Letters and Sounds, M100W, basal readers, THRASS? Words their Way
  • Pensieve-What does yours look like? (paper or digital)
  • Space restrictions - how to overcome?
  • How do you involve your title and sp ed teachers in D5?

  • Daily 5 Math
  • How to implement Daily 5 and Cafe in grade 5/6? How do Literature Circles fit it?
    How to engage older students (grade 6) who are reading on very high (10th grade+) and very low (first grade) levels
  • How to incorporate NC's version of RTI (Responsiveness to Instruction) requirements
  • How to write report cards...accountability to administration and parents...assessment....daily 5 goals and prescribed learning outcomes
  • How to build vocabulary and background knowledge for non-native English speakers