Read to Someone Ideas and Resources

"I just heard you read..." Bookmarks-Great for having partners check for understanding when doing Read to Someone. After one partner finished their section or page the other partner would say, "I just heard you read..." and summarize what their partner read. Then they would pass the check mark to their partner and take their turn at reading their page/section. Mine were made of tag board, but I would love to have some made out of wood or something that would hold up better. Melody (@soingirl)

I ordered some plywood check marks from the company mentioned by Gail and Joan on their website. I can't find the company website at the moment, but will keep looking. For my Year 1 students I printed out the words 'Who' and 'What' and used sticky-back laminate to attach the words to the check mark. This company: supplies 'Check-a-roos' $6.95 for 6 (2 red, 2 blue, 2 green). Louise @qldteacher

I made up this bookmark with tips on how to give hints and what type of questions to ask. Kids still need to be trained on how to use them well, but I like how it pushes them towards broader and deeper questions.